Shaheen Bagh celebrates Republic Day

By Vijaya Pushkarna

Some moments will always be remembered long after they have gone deep down into history.Some moments of this morning belonged to that category. All roads have been leading to Shaheen Bagh in Delhi , the last six weeks. But today even the bylanes and service lanes led to Shaheen Bagh , the protest site was the venue. It was where  the real Republic Day celebrations could be seen.

People watching the Tricolour unfurl  neither needed security, nor had to be screened for anyone's security. The flag pole was taller than any other in the city.

And visitors did not have to buy a ticket either!

The spirit of democracy, the celebration of India's Constitution, and the oneness of our people shone through and through.

The flag was hoisted by three "dadis" of the place and Radhika Vemula, mother of Rohit Vemula

The celebrations included a mass pledging of allegiance to the Constitution of India.

The video was shot and voiced over by senior journalist Tasleem Khan of The National Herald


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