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The Indus Valley Food

By Vijaya Pushkarna What if we had guests from the Harappan civilization around 5000 years ago? Much as the world has changed even in the last 50 years, these ancestors of ours would find one thing quite familiar. The food. “It    speaks about the strength of Indian food systems. From the Harappan times to now, we continue to predominantly follow the same pattern which is remarkable. World over the food habits have changed ..if you go to UK, the food is so bland, all they make is potatoes, potatoes and 20 more varieties of potatoes.    And look at the food system here, what a rich and diverse , so powerful that people still continue to    follow that,”says agriculture and food policy specialist Devinder Sharma, pointing out that any Indian thali would still contain many ingredients they used back then, and in rural India and traditional homes, People are realizing the importance of the strength of our ancient systems, and that these were  scientific and good for

Ashok Khemka , Just Transferred

By Vijaya Pushkarna Just transferred. If one were to read those two words as the headline in the pages of newspapers coming out from Punjab or Haryana, one cannot be faulted for concluding that it will be about Ashok Khemka, the IAS officer from the Haryana cadre. He has been transferred 53 times in  27 years, and almost every new posting was because  the political bosses of the day found it inconvenient to keep him there. Khemka's honesty was simply not working for them. Transfer and posting is one of the tools in the hands of government and political leadership. It is through this the system rewards and promotes those who perform or go along with the flow, ignores the non-performers.  And it is used to  harass those who work by the law and their conscience, are wedded to integrity and committed to fight corruption wherever they see it. That is why the Personnel Department that issues the transfer and posting orders is always retained by the Prime Minister or Chief M

Kashmir's New Leader

By Vijaya Pushkarna " I am not entering politics. But if I change my mind down the line, I will not allow anyone the right to recall I said this. I will live life on my own terms. “ “  If a doctor' s kid can be a doctor, why can't a politician' s kid be a politician? " That' s India' s smart and young Iltija Mufti,  latest entrant into politics__ that too  the turbulent politics of Kashmir post the Aug 5 abrogation of Art 370 and the house arrest of all the major leaders of the valley. This includes 3 former chief ministers, one of them  is Iltija' s mother, Mehbooba Mufti. Her People' s Democratic Party ( PDP) was in alliance with the BJP for about three years. Iltija says she is not in politics. Sure she is not  a member of the PDP . But if having political views, strong ones as that, and articulating them from various media , makes one a politician, she is unmistakably one. Iltija underlines that she is speaking for

Give credit where it is due, BJP

By Vijaya Pushkarna One week after the Delhi assembly elections,as Arvvind Kejriwal took oath as the chief minister for the third time, the Bharatiya Janata Party has been half-hearted in congratulating the Aam Aadmi Party,full throated in boasting about its increased vote share, and less than pragmatic in analyzing what led to Kejriwal’s win. What led to their loss will doubtless be analysed in house, and where it begins came in Union Home Minister Amit Shah admitting that “Goli Maro “ and”Indo-Pak test match” hurt the party. Many BJP leaders have attributed the win to the free water and subsidized electricity as “freebies”. “In the Delhi elections, issues were lost and freebies won” said the Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij. Strange, he has forgotten that the BJP with the Lok Dal of the yore swept the Haryana assembly elections for the first time—reducing the opposition Congress to 5 in an assembly of 90,promising “Karza Maaf”. Loans of all the farmers of  the state were waive