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Working From Home

By Vijaya Pushkarna Work from Home , or  WFH, as millennials call it  ,  is finally becoming a reality for quite a few people . Something that many have long fancied , it is bringing with it a new experience.   A friend has learnt from her young adult children that divorces were going up amongst couples who were hanging by a fragile thread, but are now working from home! Proximity in the times of social distancing? Definitely not a good idea, they say. A professor at a private university in Gurugram has ordered himself a PC , and a study table with  a keyboard tray and space for a CPU.  The wife, he says, has been nagging him to clear the clutter, because the dining room has had to double up for office and studio from where he will teach students. And it has been barely a couple of days. Many serious 50 somethings are learning skills they thought they would never need—like being in front of the camera, recording a good quality video lesson and uploading it. Peo

A royal birth and digital death--the story of India's deed writers

By Vijaya Pushkarna Photograph by Pramod Pushkarna Delhi 6—or the Old Delhi  area comprising  the iconic Red Fort and Jama Masjid and the bustling markets around Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazar – is famous for its street food. And every foodie, and many  food walks, make it a business to stop at Ashok Chat Corner, which is literally at the corner of Chowk Hauz Qazi. But before taking their pick, regulars going after a gap   ask the man putting the “chat” together, about the downed shutter next door. “He has stopped coming. He will be at home, it is just a few minutes walk. Take the straight road”, the man replies and gives directions to the residence of Satya Narain Saxena – 2983,  behind Chaurasi Ghantewala Mandir on Bazar Seetharam. And he also suggests they can call him, and say the number is there on his name board on top. There is a  newly painted blue and white board struggling for visibility through the hanks of hanging electrical wires, complete with all the det

Covid 19 : "The protection lies in our own hands"

By Vijaya Pushkarna When the enemy is as deadly as the novel corona virus, declared pandemic by the World Health Organisation, how and why   does our protection lie in our own hands? Prof Amod Gupta, former Director of the Advanced Eye Care Centre ,Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, has for decades prescribed “wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your face” to thousands of his patients. In an exclusive interview, Prof Gupta , honoured as "the teacher of teachers"in ophthalmology, explains how this simple act of washing your hands often and not touching your face, can help prevent the spread of this infection, as well as make us a healthier nation. Q: What is the reason behind your advise to patients to “wash your hands…”.    A: I worked in the PGI for 42 years, and almost every year there used to be an eye flu epidemic. Practically every resident doctor and the faculty members got this conjunctivitis. Exce