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The post corona-virus world norm

By Vijaya Pushkarna When will we go back to the pre novel corona virus world? After the number of new covid positive cases comes to zero, and we suddenly find we have millions of ventilators in   our hospitals? Or after a miracle of a vaccine becomes available in such abundance that it becomes both, affordable and accessible to all? After scientists and others in the health field stop telling us that the virus will come back,that   we have developed “herd immunity” and so on? We must remain optimistic and positive that all the above  are possible, and we shall overcome.  Yet a voice one heard   from a seasoned and senior doctor who has spent long hours in the ICU monitoring COVID positive patients on ventilators, sounded realistic. “ From now on we must presume that anyone standing in front of us is a covid positive case, and our behavior must be guided by that” she said.   So, even long after things seem normal, the best way to greet a dear friend or a family member