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Dear Mr Prime Minister

By Vijaya Pushkarna Dear Mr Prime Minister One of your best qualities is your communication skills. You know what to say to the people of India in a convincing way.Your language is also enviable. When you said in a broadcast on March 24 evening that from midnight“Lakshman Rekha kheench di”, everyone in the country understood your message of the nationwide lockdown.  So much so that tens of thousands rushed to the markets in a panic buying spree! The only part of that speech that some may not have understood is the “social distancing”. In Punjab people went around looking for Shoshadistan Singh. When some scholars realized what was happening, they made them understand what you were talking about. Tandoori, they said, tan doori. But of course, you remain the master communicator. And so in the course of a video conference with Chief Ministers on April 27, you said it very well—Do Gaz Doori. Two yards distance! Now, not only chief ministers but even your “mitron” understo