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Speak Softly-- keep Covid 19 at bay

By Vijaya Pushkarna

Whispering is generally about sweet nothingsthat are romantic; gossip that is interesting but not necessarily relevant or true; and the game called Chinese whisper-- a game in which a statement gets distorted as each player whispers it into the ears of another.
Covid 19 , originated in China , now requires us to whisper---well almost whisper—whether or not it is romantic, gossip or not a game.
One of the important toolswe need to succeed in our battle against the novel corona virus, is to lower our volume, and speak softly, very softly.
Thenation-wide lockdown that began on March25 was used as much to ramp up our health facilities for Covid patients as to educate people on how to fight it at an individual and community level. Every Indian knows the importance ofhand washing, wearing a mask, social distancing and staying at home. But there is a crucial message the government has failed to convey, or at best, whispered. And that is to speak softly.
Whether we are speak…