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Beauty and the Covid Beast

By Vijaya Pushkarna Counting the Days Under Virus Lockdown by the Length of Trudeau’s Hair. On Thursday, the New York Times carried a story with that very catchy headline.     The hair salons in the Canadian capital of Ottawa were to open the next morning, so the reporter went on to speculate, “ But will Prime Minister Justin Trudeau get a haircut, or will he continue to suffer in solidarity with voters in areas of the country where they remain shuttered?” Strictly adhering to the rules of the lockdown, Trudeau did not go to a barbershop, and his hair and beard both made for a lockdown look. In India however most of our leaders looked no different (during the lockdown) from how they did before the third week of March when Prime Minister Narendra Modi clamped a nation wide lockdown that began to be unlocked 68 days later, on June 1. From resident barbers to visiting hairdressers, to privileges of having their favourite salon opened specially for them, they have it all. Bu