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Delhi's Anti-Covid juggernaut

By Vijaya Pushkarna A train getting readied to function as a Covid Care Centre Delhi is on a roller coaster ride as the   state tries to deal with Covid 19, and provide the necessary facilities for its  petrified people. From a confident start saying Delhi   was prepared to deal with any spike in Covid says end May, the capital city is flapping its wings in all directions, hoping that by a miracle something—just anything—works, to reduce the number of cases, hospital admissions, ICU requirements and death on account of Covid. One day it was the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s words that seemed the way forward. Don’t rush to the hospital unless you have serious symptoms, urged Kejriwal, after his efforts to reserve the beds of the hospitals under Delhi government for Delhi residents fell flat. He agreed to make peace with the Centre and cooperate and go along with Lt Governor Anil Baijal’s   directions that no such reservation will be allowed. A couple of

Who wants to be a Bollywood insider?

By Vijaya Pushkarna Sushant Singh Rajput was definitely overqualified for the Hindi film industry. Know anyone who comes close to him, in terms of education, interest, passion, knowledge etc? What drove him to end his life is a secret that he has carried with him. Over the last few years he showed that a young lad from a small town middle class background with no Sugar Daddy in Mumbai can make it big in the Hindi film industry   which   deserves the silly name it has got—Bollywood. Luckily, Sushant was not a girl, otherwise “they” may say he slept his way   to the success he achieved. In his death , he has raised an issue that never got the serious discussion it deserved –other than as   the “casting couch” talk that comes up periodically. That issue is “insiders” a mafia of sorts, entrenched in the industry, sometimes over two generations, and sometimes even more-- long enough to call it home, claiming it as their exclusive territory. The first generation stars who have m